Another Notch In Houston's Intellectual Belt

Who the hell says we're stoopid here in Houston? Besides The Daily Beast, we mean.

Houston is only the second city in the entire nation to host a convention called "The Guy Expo," an orgy of cliches about sports, beer, babes and cars.

"It caters to the guy's guy and there's nothing wimpy or soft spoken about it," the show's organizers say. "It aims to be fun, loud, entertaining and slightly irresponsible. Want proof? The Almost-Darwin Award goes to the guy with the best story about the way he almost died."

Could anything be funnier than that? We doubt it. Because we're a guy.

The George R. Brown Center will host the event November 6-8 and it will even feature those wacky doodz from Habitat for Humanity "tricking out" a garage with a "plasma TV, hydraulic lifts, bar area and tool bench."

Because Habitat for Humanity doesn't have anything better to do. And we're sure the type of "guys" who go to The Guy Expo will race to sign up as Habitat volunteers.

So what macho Manville was the U.S. city who actually beat us out for the honor of hosting the first of these show?

St. Paul, Minnesota. Which isn't exactly Daytona or Fresno, but there you go.


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