Anyone See Halliburton's Missing Radioactive Rod Lying Around?

Hair Balls has lost car keys, wallets, cats and once even a rare Monet, but we'd like to think that we'd never lose a "potentially lethal" radioactive rod.

But that's exactly what some Halliburton truck drivers did in the desert around Odessa last week, according to news reports. The "seven-inch long stainless steel cylinder is about an inch in diameter and marked with the radiation-warning symbol and 'do not handle' warning."

However, all hope is not lost: You'd have to handle it for a few days before you noticed any adverse effects, such as death, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; plus, Halliburton is offering a reward for information leading to the rod. (However, if you happen to stumble upon it, the Halliburton people advise that you step back at least "20 to 25 feet.") (Both Halliburton and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission were conspicuously silent on whether the radiation would bestow certain superpowers upon the handler.)

The three employees transporting the rod, which is used in locating gas and oil deposits, as well as nascent world-domination plots, have been investigated and cleared by the FBI. Hey, it's an honest mistake that could've happened to anyone.

We're going to keep our eyes open, and we suggest you do the same.

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