As Promised, The State Board Of Education Brings The Funny

We warned you Monday that the State Board of Education was webcasting its meetings, and hilarity was likely to ensue.

It didn't take long today to prove that right.

Who's laughing at us? Talking Points Memo. Gawker. And probably every left-of-center blog out there, before the night is over.

Why? As TPM put it:

Before the board turned to social studies, the hearing got to an odd start when an animated member of the public testifying about the importance of health education declared, "I'm 56 years old and I'm a virgin." The chair promptly warned her to stay on topic.

Hey, she was just talking about abstinence!! (Then we can dig it.)

The rest of the meeting couldn't top that opening highlight, as standards were discussed for various social-studies books. As we mentioned before, several "experts" will be giving what no doubt will be some hilarious testimony.

We have no idea if they're virgins or not, though.


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