Ask and Ye Shall Receive

We were sorely disappointed to read recently that the Houston Chronicle, as it begins the build-up to its 100th anniversary, is unable to locate a copy of the first edition it ever printed. They've looked everywhere, we were informed in a front-page story, but to no avail.

Many Houstonians must have been grief-stricken when they discovered that such a treasured heirloom was missing, and that they had been living a pathetic lie, seemingly secure in the belief that the cherished relic had always been available for the asking.

They should have asked us. We keep all kinds of stuff. So we're glad to pre-sent our copy of the front page of the very first Chronicle.

We do this as a public service. And hey, it was time to change the birdcage lining anyway.

Click here to view the missing Chronicle issue in an Acrobat Reader file. Need the free viewer? Download it now.

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