Astros' Brandon Backe, Fresh From Bar Brawl, Decides To Open His Own Bar

When last we heard from putative Astros pitcher Brandon Backe -- besides his struggles on the mound -- he was getting in a raucous bar fight at a Galveston wedding.

Cops were called, charges filed, lawsuits threatened.

So what are Backe's latest plans?

Opening up a bar of his own.

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The Galveston County Daily News prints the public notices for liquor-license applications, and it noticed a familiar name on one -- Backe.

He and some partners are looking to open a bar called Backe's Bullpen in Dickinson.

Anyone who's followed Backe's career knows he needs a good bullpen, but is a bar the right way to go?

On the one hand, he'll be the one deciding who gets bounced and who doesn't. On the other hand, he seems to have a bad history with the concept of "liquor" and "fun."

We guess, at least, weddings in Galveston will be safe for the moment.

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