Autorama Delivers Sweet Rides, Lovely Ladies and One Kick-Ass 1948 Dodge Power Wagon

Bob Olofson's sweet restored 1948 Dodge Power Wagon.
Bob Olofson's sweet restored 1948 Dodge Power Wagon.

Cool cars and hot chicks. If that isn't how the Autorama is normally promoted, that is exactly how they should do it next year. As you can see in our slideshow from this past weekend's car-stravaganza, there were plenty of both, but especially the rides. They had all the freaking Batmobiles and the damn Mach 5! I'm not normally a car guy, but damn.

Also on display is the beautiful, fully restored 1948 Dodge Power Wagon, owned by Bob Olofson of Georgetown, Texas. Olofson took home the first of 15 Steele Rubber Products Master Builder Awards selected by the International Show Car Association and awarded to "one outstanding vehicle restored with little or no professional help," according to a press release.

Olofson's Dodge most definitely qualifies. Scan through our other photos from the Autorama for more eye candy.

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