Baby, It's Cold Outside

Congratulations, Houston! After many years of moaning about our city having only two seasons -- summer and a slightly less hot summer -- you're finally getting that "winter" you always complained about never having. Those days of 90 percent humidity and 90 degree temperatures don't look so bad now, huh?

Remember to bundle up before you leave the house today, like these folks below that we captured braving the winds on the streets of downtown, and thank heaven you don't know the pains of real winter weather: the snot freezing inside your nose, your driveway and car being buried in snow, roads that ice over no matter how much sand is thrown on them or scraping a two-inch-thick layer of ice off windshield at 5 a.m. because you can't afford an automatic starter for your car.

Baby, It's Cold OutsideEXPAND
Photos by Aaron M. Sprecher
Baby, It's Cold Outside


Baby, It's Cold Outside

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