BARC Reminds You to Stamp Out the Rabies

You know what blows? Rabies. You know what doesn't blow? The new Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care Wellness Center's prices: You can make sure your furry friend is rabies-free for just $20.

Coinciding with World Rabies Day (which we at first mistakenly thought was a celebration of rabies, before our editor took us aside and patiently and calmly explained things to us with the use of colorful pictograms), the grand opening of BARC's new low-cost clinic is September 28.

The folks at BARC tell us: "On World Rabies Day, BARC encourages all pet owners to check the status of rabies vaccinations for their animals. If the pet is due for a rabies vaccination, or any vaccination, come to the BARC Wellness Center as soon as possible, no appointment necessary."

The Wellness Center will be open 12-6 p.m. (closed on Mondays and Fridays). You can get heartworm tests and microchips for $20 each. Roundworm and hookworm tests? That's a mere $7-$9, yo. (Important tip: if you're a Houston resident, your critter needs to be licensed in order to get these services.) Be sure to check out the Web site for a full fee schedule.

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