Benjamin Hall Drops Out Of The Mayor's Race

Benjamin Hall Drops Out Of The Mayor's Race

Benjamin Hall, one of the two black-ex-city attorneys rumored to be running for mayor, is not running for mayor.

Hall announced he's supporting his doppelganger, Gene Locke, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The deal was apparently brokered by Congressman Al Green, who obviously enough wasn't looking fondly on the likelihood of a split black vote affecting who makes a likely runoff. Hall's potential race wasn't helped by the fact that he'd have to spend time explaining why people shouldn't believe he lives in exclusive Piney Point and not the city of Houston, since living in the city is kinda important for a mayor.

That leaves city controller Annise Parker and city councilman Peter Brown up against Locke. Time is getting short for a viable Hispanic candidate to make a legitimate run.

-- Richard Connelly

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