Big Blaze Hits Dallas' Lower Greenville Strip

Big Blaze Hits Dallas' Lower Greenville Strip
Photo by Jim Schutze

The Lower Greenville Avenue portion of Dallas is one of the city's more enjoyable areas (Caveat: We haven't been there in a while; maybe it's become Douchebag/Yuppie Central.) (And yes, we know the response to that is "Well, it is in Dallas.")

A four-alarm fire engulfed a chunk of the area early today, severely damaging a block that contained the Greenville Avenue Bar & Grill, Mick's Terilli's and the Hurricane Grill.

Said one witness:

"When I got there, people were already on the street, some with tears in their eyes. I couldn't believe how big it was. This is bigger than the Arcadia. Not literally -- but this is four major businesses that really take care of their customers, that have been there for years. A lot of people go here every weekend. This is where people met, where they dated, where they got engaged. And right before St. Patrick's? This is gonna hurt."

No cause for the blaze has been determined as yet.

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You can follow coverage and get updates throughout the day at our sister blog, Unfair Park, or the Dallas Morning News.

At least we only lost Mai's.

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