Big Boom In Seabrook, No Injuries Reported

There was a big, loud boom and plenty of smoke near Seabrook this morning, but it appears so far that there are no serious injuries attached to an explosion at a chemical plant.

Shelter-in-place warnings are in effect near the American Acryl plant, which is not extremely close, as these things go around here, to any huge residential neighborhoods.

It looks like a bullet was dodged.

Keep up with the coverage at the Houston Chronicle (they're also Twittering), KHOU, KTRK, KPRC, Fox 26 or Channel 39.

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One of the shelter-in-place warnings is for El Jardin; we wrote about how they were trying to stop such developments as plants and Bayport a while back.

For photographs from this morning's explosion, see our slideshow.

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