We're the biggest!
We're the biggest!

Biggest PCP Bust In DEA History Is Houston Proud

Houston is all about being the biggest and best, so if anyone should hold the record for biggest PCP bust in the history of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, it's us, dammit.

And now we do.

Eight Houstonians have been arrested and 57 freaking gallons of PCP confiscated, Houston's U.S. Attorney announced today.

"The success of the investigation leading to today's arrests is a result of the close and sustained cooperation between DEA and our law enforcement partners to target and remove drug trafficking organizations operating in and around the Houston metro area," DEA special agent Thomas Hinojosa said.

Arrested were Andre Smith, 52, Samuel Joseph Jackson, 35, Tyrone Dewayne Roberson, 38, Michael Ardion, 50, Archie Deneshe Harris, 34, Cameo Deshawn McAfee, 24, Joseph Lamar Broussard, 37, Karola Johnson-Gant, 43, and Chatela Jackson, 32, all Houston residents.

The effort included the DEA, United States Marshals Service, Houston and Pasadena Police Departments, Harris and San Jacinto County Sheriff's Offices and the Department of Public Safety and was dubbed Operation Scratch Off.


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