Bluefinger: The Music

The music of Black Francis (center) will be brought to life by two complete rock bands.
George Hixson

Somewhat atypically for a rock opera, as opposed to regular opera, the musical cast of Bluefinger is almost as large as its dramatis personae. Two complete rock bands (totaling 11 musicians between them) will be performing the 20-plus songs in the Bluefinger score — some Brood originals, others from the Black Francis tribute album, and other songs that just seemed to fit. Sometimes the bands will be playing together, sometimes one at a time, and at others, alternating within a single song. Michael Haaga characterizes the overall vibe of the music as equal parts "Lou Reed, David Bowie and Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Nodler's longtime collaborator Anthony Barilla traveled from his new home in Kosovo to help arrange the music, while local composer/arranger/guitarist and Two Star Symphony member John Duboise will be leading the bands onstage. One of the bands is comprised solely of Infernal Bridegroom/Catastrophic stalwarts such as Kirk Suddreath (drums), Kevin Blessington (12-string guitar), Cathy Power (keyboards) and bassist Jeff Miller. The other band features Chris Bakos and Bill Savoie and stars local guitar hero Scott Ayers, formerly of the Pain Teens and the Walking Timebombs. Haaga will be singing the Black Francis songs, while Matt Kelly will sing Brood's selections. The choir of female backing singers are called the Bombitas, a nod to Brood's love of speed.

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