Bottled Water and KBR Lawsuits

Staff Writer Chris Vogel's August 14 cover feature (with writer Lee Klein) "Tapping In" elicited quite a few thoughtful online responses, a few of which we've reproduced here:

Not all wet: Great article.

I've always thought bottled water was somewhat humorous. It boils down to a taste thing; bottled water is no more healthy than tap and all you're doing is adding to the waste issue we already have.


bottled water

Comment by tedo

Good taste: The taste thing is a huge factor for me. I hate buying bottled water, but I can't stomach the mineral in Houston's tap. It gets worse as the water sits. I think my next move is to buy and install an industrial filter. My parents have one in their home and I am able to drink that "tab" water just fine.

Comment by Linda from Houston

Ridiculous: The thought of Houston water being unsafe is ridiculous. All cities in Texas release a Consumer Confidence Report each year. Your water is tested monthly for bacteria and checked every day for disinfectant. A "doctor" does not know that bottled water is fairly unregulated compared to tap water? I am embarrassed for her. Do your research, doc, and stop filling our landfillswith your plastic bottles. Good article, HP!!

Comment by David Van Riper from

Out of the country: I am currently working in São Luis, Brazil, and all the expats but me drink bottled water. I take the tap water, boil it for 20 minutes, let it cool and then put it in washed-out Coke bottles for storage. I have never gotten sick.

Comment by Richard Rood

Fluoride: Yes, but does it still contain fluor­ide, which has been known to lead to ­cancer?

Comment by Jaclyn from
The Woodlands

International Relations

Just two days before, on August 12 ,Vogel filed an online blog post, "Alleged KBR Victim Sues the U.S.," about former KBR employee Jamie Leigh Jones filing suit against the federal government for her alleged rape while working at Camp Hope in Baghdad. Jones also stated that during the attack, her breast implants were disfigured and her pectoral muscles torn, requiring reconstructive surgery.

This story touched off a wild range of responses. Here's some excerpts:

Pardon who: The governmental immunity will kick in and then she'll get nothing, or at the very best she gets a few thousand and is told to shut her yap.

And if that fails, Bush simply issues a blanket pardon for all accused and the situation goes away entirely.

Comment by ph

That's it: Breast implants. Enough said. Really.

Comment by kat

Idiots: Well, no one should ever have to go through something like that. I was caught by the breast implants, though. There are reasons women get them, and mostly it's to increase their confidence, and how does that happen, boys and girls? By getting gawked at. So, partially it may be those; we all know how men turn into idiots when they see a rack. Sorry, guys, but it's true, especially those who are told to do what they're told and not to use their brain. Either way, I hope she wins.

Comment by Really?

Carp: Yawn, another bottom feeder looking for a quick and easy buck!

Comment by Jim McDish

Especially thoughtful: Breast implants? Why would you have those unless you're getting drunk and banging dudes?

Comment by Mark

Fakes: Wow. All you men on here suggesting she deserved it...or liked it...are not real men at all. If this was your daughter, sister, cousin or friend, I am sure you would change your tune. Or maybe not. I doubt one of you is man enough to take up for a woman who was viciously raped and beaten and then held hostage in a storage container.

Comment by Clint

Getting told: Far out, guys. I'm from Australia and the attitude that has been shown here is pretty much the way that most people seem to perceive America here.

I've had two friends that were 20-21, attractive girls, but were still an A cup. So they got breast implants up to B/C respectively. Does that mean that they are asking to be raped?

And...if she wanted to get wasted and get laid, who cares? Maybe she wanted to have consenting sex with one person whom she particularly liked or was attracted to. I have sex with my fiancée and occasionally drink beforehand; does that mean that she deserves to be drugged by me and passed around with some work colleagues?

Here's to hoping that America can elect a decent president for the first time in nearly a century.

Comment by Ben

Male Fantasy: Contrary to male fantasy, no female does anything because she wants to be raped. And when you think about where the rape kit went, remember Pat Tillman, who was shot by his own guys after waving arms and throwing smoke, family lied to repeatedly, uniform burned.

Comment by Rhian


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