Breaking News, Sorta

Just spoke to Marlene McClinton, spokeswoman for the Houston Airport System, about fumes emanating from a Continental Airlines jet at Bush Intercontinental Airport's Terminal C. Three Continental employees were overcome by the fumes, which supposedly were coming from a U.S. Mail bin.

The three Continental employees are being treated at the airline's onsite clinic. McClinton says the situation has no effect on any airport operations. "It's outside, so nothing inside the terminal's affected," she says. "Basically, we are awaiting word from Hazmat and their investigation."

Aside from the security procedures stemming from a thwarted terrorist attack, it's basically business as usual at Bush. McClinton says that travelers who're arriving two to three hours before their flights are helping. "People have been adhering to the guidelines, so it's running very smoothly," she says. "Very smoothly" in airport-speak means the lines are manageable; it takes about 25 minutes to get through security checkpoints during peak time. We'll keep ya posted. — Steven Devadanam


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