Breathe (Slightly) Deeper, Houston: Our Air Quality Improves a Little

Getting so much better all the time?
Getting so much better all the time?

You may not have noticed, but Houston's air quality has gotten (slightly) better, according to the annual report by the American Lung Association.

Don't get too happy, though: We're still the eighth-worst city for ozone pollution in the U.S. But when it comes to short-term particle pollution, we are kicking ass, with a grade of B.

It's the best performance for the city in the 13 years of the report.

But the Sierra Club isn't exactly celebrating. They say the proposed White Stallion coal plant in Matagorda County remains a potential danger.

"Houston has had problems with smog pollution for years," said Neil Carman of the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club. "Already in 2012, Houston has had 13 bad air quality days with high levels of smog, more than the city had in 2011 by this time. The proposed White Stallion coal plant will be a major new source of smog-forming pollution if built; the prospect of increased asthma attacks, hospitalizations, and even premature death should weigh heavily on decision makers. Building the White Stallion coal plant would be a serious blow to the health of Houston residents."


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