Caldwell: The Lord's Business

You don't usually expect your pastor to have an MBA from Wharton, but then again, you also don't expect him to be a personal friend of the president. Over the last 23 years, the Reverend Kirbyjon Caldwell has transformed the Windsor Village United Methodist Church from tiny (25 members) to titanic (12,400).

The man brings together faith and finance like no other: He constantly speaks about the value of home ownership, a message attributed by many as the reason property values keep rising in the Windsor Village area. And his powerful voice has reached the ear of George W. Bush, who considers Caldwell a spiritual adviser. (One wonders how Caldwell advises the prez on that whole biblical thing about rich men having a heck of a time getting into heaven.) The reverend performed the benedictions at both of W's inaugurations, and his flock shows no sign of scattering. Up next: a 423,000-square-foot, 7,000-seat facility, complete with a 24-hour prayer center, stores and restaurants.


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