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In early April, the Houston school district announced Sharpstown High would be hosting a "life lessons for boys" program, where fifth-graders would meet student athletes, Junior ROTC cadets and Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino. "A similar program" for girls was scheduled for May, HISD said.

We asked -- and it took a while to get an answer -- but HISD finally sent us an agenda for the May 3 girls' program. Which was decorated with a flowerpot, a teapot and the headline "Fifth Grade Tea Party." Speakers included the Sharpstown High dance team, cheerleaders and two Miss Teen USA contestants.

HISD spokesman Terry Abbott scoffs at anyone wondering about reinforcing tired stereotypes. Such a claim "simply isn't true," he says. "The programs were very similar."

Whatever you say. We just think it's a shame the "Barefoot & Pregnant" speaker apparently had a scheduling conflict.


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