Center of Debate

Center of Debate

Online readers comment on "Abortion Wars: '40 Days for Life' vs. Planned Parenthood Is Quiet So Far," Hair Balls blog, by Paula Beltrán, October 15:

Religion results: They are silly and misplacing energy, these pro-lifers. It's another consequence of religion, all of which is anti-rational, and far more bad than good.


Suggestion: Stop harassing people and go out and help the homeless or work at a women's shelter.


Doctor evil: Why try to demonize the pro-lifers? They are just there to help and to pray. I don't believe that license plate garbage. Maybe the reporter should have verified if anyone had gotten harassing phone calls instead of just printing a lie.

Look, we all know that abortion is a terrible thing. We have seen what it has done to women and to society. Many may feel it's a necessary evil, but it's still an evil.

There is no reason to vilify pro-lifers who run two pregnancy crisis centers for every abortion clinic in this country, giving free care, diapers, furniture, food and classes. And they do it for free, not with government money. If you are big on choice, then you should be for the choice of choosing life, and giving women help who need it. Think about it.


Lies: Pregnancy crisis centers lie to women. That's why laws are being made to make them state what services they provide.


Poor, sad, delusional PP staffers: I am the lady standing at the staff gate and writing down staff (no clients) license plates while praying. This allows me to greet staffers the next day by name, to connect on a personal level. One guy was so upset that I knew who he was, he charged out and took my picture with his cell phone, thinking to intimidate. I gave him my name to go with the picture. Another woman said she would write down my car tag if I wrote down hers. I pointed out my car to her.

If you are unashamed of where you work, why are you so disturbed that someone knows who you are? And I don't send postcards, but that's not a bad idea. Regardless of what you may get told by Planned Parenthood, pro-lifers hold no animosity toward the staff. We just think they would be happier if they could find work that did not require them to victimize minorities and unborn children. We pray that they find the courage and the opportunity to walk away.


@Katie: No animosity toward the staff? Is that why, when I carried my Bible while volunteering to help escort, one of your protesters shouted that she hoped it would burn me every time I opened it? Is that why one of you shouted for God to remove Satan from my body? Is that why, when you do get names of volunteers, they receive threatening phone calls? The protesters are actively intimidating to the clients, staff and volunteers. It is clearly bullying tactics to anyone who watches for any amount of time. Jesus said to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I really don't think you want other people bullying you, so why are you using the word of God to bully other people?


The MOB and KTRU

Online readers respond to "Saturday: The Marching Owl Band at Rice Stadium," Rocks Off blog, by Matthew Keever, October 18:

Wow: Sounds like someone:

a) can't take a joke;

b) is still butthurt that U of H lost to their cross-town rival;

c) has absolutely no clue about KTRU; or

d) all of the above.

I'm gonna go with D.


One point of view: Fuck you, Matthew Keever.


Thanks! Keever writes, "While it was all relatively funny, though in poor taste." I don't know if the author realized it, but by Rice standards describing something as "relatively funny" and "in poor taste" is extremely high praise.


Thumbs up for the Rice MOB: Way to rally the troops. Somebody clue in the writer of this blurb that the MOB disrespects everybody. Everybody knows the real party to blame for the KTRU sell-off is the Rice administration, which is just trying to plug a hole in its botched budget, and is going after KTRU because KTRU is least capable of defending itself, unlike, say, the athletic or arts departments, which have entrenched faculty.


I care: This is really sad. I'm a UH alum, and, honestly, I really enjoy your writing. I remember your work at The Daily Cougar as well, and Matthew, this piece is really not your finest. Where's the humanity, man?

What about the music? That's what KTRU is about. Music. Do you even listen to it? 'Cause journalist to journalist, you sound like you have absolutely no ground to stand on here. Tune in to 91.7 while you can, brother. Who cares? C'mon man, I care.

KTRU Listeners


Last week's art review, "Faces of Ife" [by Kelly Klaasmeyer, October 21], about "Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria" at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, incorrectly stated the religion of the present ruler of Ife, Alayeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuwade Olubuse II. He is Muslim.

The Houston Press regrets the error.


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