A map of despair, where no cable or Gameboys exist
A map of despair, where no cable or Gameboys exist

Centerpoint Now Lets You See Where There's No Power. If You Have Power To See Their Map

Right now there are 65 people without power on Bissonet in Southwest Houston! And a guy near the corner of Hillcroft and Bellaire Boulevard is powerless, too!!

How do we know this? Centerpoint Energy has a new semi-interactive map that lets you see where power outages are and how many people are affected. Seeing the map requires having power, of course, but that's what batteries are for.

More importantly, Centerpoint says that when a hurricane hits Houston, the map will be updated with estimates on how long it will take for power to be restored to specific neighborhoods.

Anyone who lived through Ike's outages -- and we're not talking about any of you weenies whose days without power numbered in the single digits -- knows that The Most Important Information Ever is "When is the goddamn power coming back on?"

If you're not asking it, your kid or significant other is. Hourly.

So now you'll be able to call up Centerpoint's map, point to the estimate, and know that despite the weasel language about "estimates" and so forth that you can be absolutely guaranteed your power will be back on by the date mentioned. Because nothing ever goes wrong in these procedures.

And if the estimate just keeps reading "two weeks," well, feel free to give up all hope.


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