Channel 39's Anchor Wants You To Watch Her (Doing The News, Possibly)

For a couple of weeks now, commuters on the Loop near Meyerland have been seeing a billboard featuring a lovely looking black woman leaning seductively into the camera, a come-hither look on her face, with the caption "Watch me at 9." Her autographed first name just increases the intimate intensity.

The fact that she's a news anchor doesn't seem to bother the people who approved the ad campaign.

Channel 39's Mia Gradney is the model on the billboard, a fact that hasn't escaped notice amongst other local media types.

Fox's Isiah Carey blogged:

Before I recognized the news anchor I wasn't quite sure what kind of billboard I was pulling up on. Then when I realized it was Mia, I smiled. But the advertisement left me confused. It's more of a New York City high fashion model billboard. Not the serious news journalist we know Mia is. At one point I wasn't sure if I should watch her on the news or look for a 1-900 number to call!

He added he was "just jiving" with Gradney.

The Little Lost Robot blog, also run by a TV-news type, went a step further. He's started a Flickr group for billboards of local news anchors.

"Anyone can join/post, and I give bonus points to those who have the "Mount Rushmore" shots of anchors cut-n-pasted together, defying lighting and spacial composition," he writes. "Anyone interested? It's like a scavenger hunt!"

Us, we're waiting for the Dave Ward come-hither billboard.


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