Chris Baker In Trouble Again

You might remember Chris Baker, the frothing right-wing KTRH talk-radio host who left town a while back.

He landed in Minnesota, and he's up to his old tricks.

The aptly named blog Awful Announcing recently noted that Baker, ever the font of wisdom, had this take on women's sports:

"You know what [the WBNA] is? That's a place for lesbians to make out when they score," he said.

It's funny!! Because...because...Chris Baker said so!!

A USA Today blog picked it up, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

Baker's on vacation now, according to kis KTLK blog (Headline and lede of one item: "Obama the Pandering Fool -- Nicolai Carpathia was pandering to the thugs and liars of La Raza when he unleashed this little gem....")

Houstonians may well remember Baker. He was a blowhard who refused to talk to the Houston Press for a profile where he might have been challenged on his ravings.

He did talk to us once, though, after he made a fool of himself on a national cable network and had to do penance.

The Minnesota Lynx, which (apparently) is the WNBA team in Minnesota, has invited Baker to a game.

We're sure they'll be able to talk sense into him.

-- Richard Connelly


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