Chuck Rosenthal, Nan Goldin and Soulja Boy

Chuck Amok

Appoint the AG: Consciously or not, every elected District Attorney must consider the impact of every decision on the next election ["On a Dead Run," by Chris Vogel, January 3]. Imagine the "soft on crime" distortion in the attack ads that a future opposing candidate would level at Chuck Rosenthal if he were to run again and had agreed to Venezuela's limitations.

Justice is supposed to be guided by truth. But the truth is regularly distorted in the course of polarizing political campaigns. Or by AGs facing a tough election, as exemplified recently by the Duke University Lacrosse players' case.


Nan Goldin

The root cause of the failure of the system to bring Salazar to justice is the election of the people's prosecutor. If the voters, or the Press editorial staff, wish to change this, they can do so by advocating a system of AG appointment. Until this happens, or until political candidates and the electorate grow up, we will see justice served only when consistent with ­electability.

Steve Scherer
Round Rock

Online readers weigh in:

Why the picture? May the parents get what is their due/want. What I don't understand is why a picture of this young lady would show a "gang sign."

Comment by bond

Yeah, tacky photo of the girl: But gang sign or not, the sick bastard that killed her should come here and let the parents of the girl take care of business...Rosenthal is a coward for not fighting to get this typical coward (gang member) back here.

Comment by Jim

Surrounded by scum: The other two murderers were not illegal. Scum lives everywhere; how about that. It's Rosenthal who won't budge.

Very sad situation. Is there some kind of petition or letters that we can send to the DA? I hope that the parents get some kind of peace.

Comment by Flores

Narrow-minded: Rosenthal seemingly has been too buried in his e-mails and has lost his damn head. He is the district attorney, charged with seeking justice on behalf of the citizens of this city. His first commitment should always be to us, not his ego, his résumé or his warped sense of what is right. His narrow-mindedness and inability to see past lethal injection are causing the Ruiz family just as much pain as their daughter's senseless murder.

He should be disgusted with himself, and quite frankly, so should anyone who voted him into office.

Comment by B

Oh, Behave

Victoria's slip-ups: Donald McLeod writes, "This was one slip-up in the Osteens' amazing career." [Letters, December 27.] Not according to Victoria's husband, Joel. On page 93 of Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential, he writes, "There's no telling what she's going to do next! My prayer is always, 'Please, God, just don't let her get arrested!'...I'm structured and routine; she's fun and adventurous. Without her, my life would be boring; without me, she would be in prison! (Just kidding)." Is this good-natured kidding or his intimate knowledge of his wife's capacity to misbehave?

Perhaps Victoria believes that her public actions have not brought any shame to the cause of Jesus Christ. Trotting out a well-known criminal defense attorney was her answer. There was no apology to the roughly 200 passengers delayed two hours while the family's bags were fished out of the belly of the plane. Suffice to say, a little humility on Victoria Osteen's part would have allowed her to avoid changing planes, future lawsuits and getting hauled off the plane in handcuffs.

Name withheld by request

Goldin Age

Not so fascinating: Slide shows? Random photos of her Japanese vacation? Pictures of her friends partying? Snapshots of her cat? This is what Troy Schulze finds fascinating in the work of Nan Goldin? ["She'll Be Our Mirror," January 10.] Having seen the exhibit, slide shows included, I think a better title for it would be "I was a junkie in the '80s and all I got were these lousy pictures." Next!

R.T. Castleberry


Online readers respond to "Shit List," by Jonathan Cunningham, January 10.

Hilarious! I completely agree with you, although I don't appreciate the Down's Syndrome comment about Souljah Boy. I have a baby brother with Down's, so to compare Souljah Boy to people with this mental disability gives way too much credit to this terrible-there-should-be-no-­reason-for-this-guy-to-be-a-­rapper "young man" (term used extremely loosely). In other words, people with Down's have much more intellect.

Comment by MissJ

Shyne on: Spell-check yo' self because you straight wrecked yo' credibility. By simply misspelling an artist's name, you also "flirted with wackness" and "immediately lost whatever cred" you built in this other­wise interesting piece. It's Shyne, not Shine. Must be a rookie mistake.

And are you so awash in your hate of Diddy (not P. Diddy — you've obviously been sleeping) that you had to reach back almost ten years for your diss? The gun incident you reference occurred in 1999. Move on.

My first thought was you're one of many new-jack white boys who seem to feel emboldened and entitled to critique all facets of hip-hop. Think you own hip-hop? Hip-hop owns you, son.

Comment by TheRealShyne


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