Closed-Minded Bigots Have Decided To Boycott Boycott Houston

Closed-Minded Bigots Have Decided To Boycott Boycott Houston

Earlier this week Hair Balls talked to Pastor David Grisham, a man of the cloth who was proclaiming the utterly reasonable, open-hearted and accepting gospel that the world should boycott Houston because we have a gay mayor. Oh, and there's a Planned Parenthood outlet mall here, or something.

Sadly, some Houstonians are a little more closed-minded than the good Pastor Grisham.

Boycott Boycott Houston has hit the Faceybooks, courtesy of Ed De La Garza, who is obviously on the express train to Hell.

"Personally, I like the fact Houston is open-minded. You should too," he says. "But we should remember that in the spirit of tolerance, we should understand these people. Understand that they're close-minded bigots."

The group describes itself this way:

Committed to showing Houston isn't as backwards as a lot of other places in the state. We are a blue island surrounded by a sea of red. Houstonians are progressive. Deal with it.

In a short time, more than 180 have joined up.

They, too, are all no doubt going to hell, to sit among baby corpses and be forced into the homosexual agenda.

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