Closing: The Last Ike Recovery Center Remaining Open

It's a milestone of sorts: The last Ike recovery center still operating will close its doors Friday.

At one time 130 such centers were open, but now the only one left is at the Galveston Island Community Center on Broadway. It's served 28,000 visitors, FEMA says.

"The recovery centers provided much-needed one-on-one assistance to thousands of Texans needing help after the disaster, and the centers have fulfilled their mission," FEMA State Coordinating Officer Joan Haun said in a release.

As with any recovery, we're sure Galvestonians might have a wide range of opinion on just how effective FEMA's response to the storm was.

The 130 centers served 160,000 since Ike The Bastard came to town. And now they're gone.

Galveston, you're on your own.


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