CNN Won't Answer Questions About Its Child-Sex Trafficking Crusade

CNN reporter Amber Lyon has made a crusade out of trumpeting the "fact" that "100,000 to 300,000" children are enslaved into sex trafficking each year.

As our sister paper the Village Voice pointed out, in a piece we ran in the print edition, those numbers are almost certainly a gross exaggeration. While the problem of child-sex trafficking exists in the U.S., it is nowhere near the level trumpeted by some groups who might have financial or religious motives for making everyone think so.

Voice editor Tony Ortega addresses the issue of CNN's coverage, including its take on, a Village Voice Media ad site that some have charged aids in the trafficking. CNN didn't want to hear about the extensive and expensive safety measures put in place to prevent such ads, Ortega says, and Lyon -- who has bragged about ambushing Craigslist founder Craig Newmark -- refuses to answer any questions from the Voice.

Read it all here, in "CNN's Amber Lyon Ambushed Craigslist -- But She Won't Talk to The Village Voice."


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