Colton Meszaros: Kingwood Teen in Trouble Again, This Time for Wrecking a Golf Course

One potential method of gopher removal even this guy never tried.
One potential method of gopher removal even this guy never tried.

Last spring, the placid cul-de-sacs of Kingwood were atwitter with news of what seemed like an awful crime.

It looked like their kids had run amok. A minivan was set on fire and utterly destroyed in the driveway of the Meszaros family home in the wee hours of an April night, and in the aftermath, Colton Zachary Meszaros, a 16-year-old boy living in the home, told media outlets that he believed that the van was torched by bullies from his high school.

"It seems like it says 'Burn Hell' (on the minivan), but they probably wrote more and it got covered by the charredness," Meszaros told KPRC at the time. "My only guess is that it's someone who didn't like me and wanted to stress me out and make me upset. (Security video) is pretty grainy, but I saw they're about my size and completely in black."

Two weeks later, Meszaros was pulled out of English class at Kingwood Park High School, arrested and charged with arson. Police believed he torched his own family's van.

And now he is in trouble again....

According to a criminal complaint filed this weekend, a witness told police that on June 4, his kids were fishing in Lake Houston, which abuts Kingwood's Deerwood Country Club golf course. One of them came to him and told him that somebody was driving a car with its headlights off all over the fairways and greens.

The man later told police that the driver of this car (there were several passengers aboard as well) had driven over to his children, and asked them if they knew where he could get some weed. Told no, the driver allegedly stomped on the gas, and the witness told police he saw the vehicle tear up two different holes on the golf course.

One of the passengers in the car later told police that he got in Meszaros's ride because his own car was out of gas. He said he had no idea that Meszaros planned to wreak havoc on the course and begged to be let out. He also said he saw Meszaros ask the kids something about weed. Finally, this kid was let out and got in his own car and drove off.

Police had license plates for both of the kids in question, and one of the plates came back to Jose Meszaros, Colton Meszaros's grandfather. Police contacted the grandfather, who led them to Colton. The complaint states that the now-17-year-old lawyered up on the spot.

Police later learned that Jose Meszaros had allegedly previously approached management at Deerwood and admitted Colton's involvement. The complaint states that the elder Meszaros wanted to keep the cops out of the affair. Deerwood's general manager told Jose Meszaros that he would not discuss the case with him.

Final tally of damages, according to the complaint: sod wrecked on two greens and three fairways and two ruined sprinkler heads, for a total of $3,500 in damages. That's enough to qualify as a felony case of criminal mischief.

Unlike last year's arson case, this time around, Colton, now 17, is being tried as an adult.

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