Comcast Aside

Looks like all you folks with email addresses are SOL.

From the Chron:

[W]hen Comcast announced last year it was taking over the Time Warner cable franchise in Houston, its broadband Internet customers started to get nervous. A change of Internet providers usually means a change of e-mail addresses, which means having to alert anyone who has the old address that it's changing.


Sure enough, Comcast has confirmed that the e-mail domain will go away by the end of this year, in a process that will begin in July. All Houston Road Runner subscribers will be given e-mail addresses.

Seriously, folks. Get Gmail. Or Hotmail. Or Yahoo. Something, anything, that won’t tie you down. You’re already gonna lose half your contacts when you get fired for reading blogs all day. Ahem. Might as well make your personal email something that won’t go away. – Keith Plocek


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