Comets, Stoners, Cougars, Robbers, Filmmakers and Anarchists

Sexist: Richard Connelly's "Who's Got Next" [December 11] was a surprise to this Houston Press fan. Why write such sarcastic, mean-spirited and, yes, homophobic drivel? Does he hate all women or just the ones who play sweaty, "unladylike" basketball? Coming on the heels of the Milk film, it's clear there's still a long way to go — go see it, Richard, you could use some ­enlightenment.

PS: Agreed, the mascot was dumb, but so are lots of male team mascots. There's lots of sex in your sexist comments, Peeny Boy. You were in that circle-jerk at the last Rockets game, right?

Mary Benefiel
The Woodlands


Houston Comets

Doobious Honor Roll

An online reader responds to "Today's HISD Honor Roll: 14 Campuses Searched, No Drug Arrests," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, December 12.

Hiding their stash: Well, I hope that the 14 campuses being found clean means that the riffraff has been cleaned out or the teachers have made a choice not to sell drugs to little kids. But, I have been called a skeptic and so figure that the teachers have just smartened up and are hiding it better. Let's all pray that it is the first and not the latter.

James Wheelock

Ad It Up

An online reader responds to "The Strange Advertising Deal No One At UH Wants To Talk About," Hair Balls blog, by Craig Malisow, December 12.

Hmm: This rambling and poorly written article makes no sense. Generally, I like the Press and appreciate the alternative viewpoints presented, but this article is just silly.

It doesn't really seem like much of a story in the first place. Maybe it was not a great decision to have the Daily Cougar ad department sell the ads on these machines, but every time I walk by them at school, I see ads for major companies like Chili's or Buffalo Wild Wings. Perhaps the advertising is not going as poorly as you imply.

And way to compare UH's fine journalism program with Columbia's. Clearly it's not on that caliber, but UH puts out a good daily newspaper with a circulation of more than 12,000 — a number significantly larger than Columbia's, for whatever that is worth. But yes, a private school considered the best in the country in journalism is probably better than our program. And in other breaking news, TSU is not as good as Harvard, if you jump in water you get wet and cats are furry.

Good to know the Houston Press is on the case.

Craig The Cougar

Catch That Woman

An online reader responds to "Seven Ways To Tell When That Woman Plans To Drug And Rob You," Hair Balls blog, by Craig Malisow, December 12.

Tip of the hat: Those are all excellent tips. There are some additional commonsense things you can do to protect yourself:

1. Withdraw all the cash from your bank account before you go out, so that if they get your debit card it will be useless. If you don't want to carry around that much bulky cash, consider investing it in a lot of jewelry.

2. When you meet an attractive woman, immediately find out if she is already carrying a large number of credit cards with other people's names on them. If she isn't, then give her back her purse and proceed with cautious optimism.

3. In general, women are more averse to stinky, gunky things, so consider coating your credit cards with fox urine.

Jim Porter

State of the Art

Online readers respond to "Local Film Commissions Hoping To Catch Up To Louisiana," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, December 10.

Sad: Trying to catch up to Louisiana? Damn, that's a sad state of affairs in pretty much anything, except for maybe being bubbas.

The Duke

Don't knock it: Louisiana has been totally accommodating to the movie industry. Not only has there been a great tax credit to bring the films here, now there are around 15,000 crew members in the state ready to work. Many companies have moved their offices to Louisiana to capitalize on the industry. There are film studios popping up throughout the state now. Millennium Studios is building a new facility in Shreveport, and there are three other studios that already are working on films. Those "bubbas" are responsible for over 35 films this year alone.

christopher moore

Best Bust

An online reader responds to "Is 1986 Coming Again to Houston?" Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, December 19.

Anarchy works: I came to Houston for a three-day visit in May '86 and just haven't left yet. I loved the bust — the only people left in Houston were the ones who loved it, and the cost of living was so cheap. We shared a three-bedroom house near Taft in Montrose with a skyline view for $350 a month. If you worked that day, you made a big pot of beans or something for the neighbors who had the day off, and the next day it was their turn to feed you. The cops were on strike because they were mad at Whitmire, the economy was strictly cash and carry — anyone who says anarchy doesn't work wasn't living in the 'Trose in '86.



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