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Bad idea: I just heard you're putting comics on "hiatus." If you don't mind my saying so, I think that idea sucks. What's next, get rid of any humor in the paper? Cancel Ask A Mexican or Hairballs? I mean, who wants to enjoy reading a newspaper, right? I may still pick up a copy of the Houston Press on occasion, but I can assure you that without cartoons, I won't like it nearly as much.

Chuck Mann

Never Minds


Houston Press comics

Boring: Regarding your "MasterMinds" cover story [by Paul Knight and Troy Schulze, January 22], I know no one can hit a home run every time, but to go from the great story on Quanell X [by Chris Vogel, January 15] to this piece...God just cannot get more boring than that story! I certainly don't want to see the Press turn into an alternative People magazine, but the truth simply is that you guys do much better work when you stick to the investigative-type stuff. would have been better served to just take the week off.

Bernie Palmer

Che Part 2

More info: While it's always fascinating to get the projectionist's opinion of a movie, I wonder if there will be a Part II of J. Hoberman's review of Che ["One-Ton Guerrilla," January 15] in which he gives a synopsis of the plot, discusses the script and divulges the names of the actors and whether their performances are any good. Because if I'm being asked to invest money and four hours of my time in a film about a dead revolutionary, I'll need to know more than Steven Soderbergh's attitude towards his new digital camera. Ya know?

R.T. Castleberry

On the Court

An online reader responds to "Isabella Court: Come For The Charm, Stay For The Crack, Masturbation & Anal Sex," Hair Balls blog, by Cathy Matusow, January 26:

Snobs: "Accosted"? Come on...aren't we being a tad dramatic?

The Chronicle article went on and on about how delightful the residents are, but your first sentence already makes me wonder if Isabella Court isn't just full of a bunch of artsy-fartsy snobs.

I'm sorry to say, but I think you may be in for many more detainments as I'm sure the story captured the attention of apartment hunters all over Houston (including myself).

I work three and a half miles from Isabella Court and currently live in Northwest Houston. The two-hour daily commute is about to kill me. I'd love to live closer, but apartments in the Med Center start at $950. Isabella Court is exactly what I have been looking for. Close to work, close-knit neighbors and a beautiful, historic building that reminds me of the summer I spent in Puebla, Mexico, as an exchange student.

With a 20-plus waiting list, you should feel like a celebrity and not so burdened by the intrigued pee-ons lurking around your building.

As for the drugs, sex, masturbation and domestic disturbances, what can I say except that you have an exquisite place to call home and freeentertainment?

I'm sure you were expecting that sort of thing when you moved in, seeing as how there are numerous homeless shelters and halfway houses in the area, not to mention 51 sex offenders within a one-mile radius of the complex.

Liam McBride

The Transsexual Cop

Online readers respond to "Attagirl: Transsexual Police Officer Nominated Grand Marshal of Pride Parade," Hair Balls blog, by Olivia Flores Alvarez, January 22:

Brave: Just wanted to say how great it is that Houston has such brave people in its forces. And the guy who just cares about his overtime — good for him! He sounds like someone with his head screwed on. This poor lady has been through hell to want to go to the extremes of surgery; if she does her job well and this change helps her feel better about herself, why would you care, if you're secure in your own sexuality?

Best wishes to Julia; I hope the change gives you all you hoped for.

Danielle Richwoods

Freak flag: Good lord, what an ugly freak.


Different times: No, the only freak is you. This is 2009, get with the times. And while you're at it, learn the lesson that we are all human.

She obviously means no harm to anyone and just wants to live her life, and good on her. I hope she has a great life locking up inbreds like you...and has a fruitful career.


Go, Texas: I had to laugh at that line "Sooo, there's this parade I might be in..."

I am happy to read about such support from a police department, and very much so that it's one in Texas. I am not from Texas, but that has always seemed to me to be a dangerous place for anyone who's "different." I am happy I am wrong and that times are changing. I never thought I would live to see the day that anyone other than a white man would be president. I have. Maybe, just maybe, I will live long enough to see people become generally accepting of one another, like the man that wanted his overtime approved.

September Meadows


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