Comment of the Day: Birth of a Sex-Toy Blog Item

We have some great commenters here on Hair Balls, and it's time we paid some damn attention to them.

So we'll be highlighting a Comment of the Day each morning, from the previous day's work. Maybe two comments, even.

This will all be determined by a highly rigorous scientific formula involving wit, clarity and whatever else we feel like at the moment.

With the recent rash of robberies of sex emporiums, we offered a list of sex toys that employees could use to defend themselves against such attacks.

One reader saw right through us.

scotter wrote:

I can imagine how the idea for this article was born. The scene: a non-descript bar. Your companion: a drinking buddy from college. Friend: "Dude, I'll bet you can't get pictures of 10 sex devices into an article without getting in trouble." You (pouring the last of a pitcher of beer into your glass): "I'll take that bet


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