Continental Airlines: Last Stand For The Logo Downtown (Updated: People Are Acting On Rumors)

Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas
Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas
Photo by Richard Connelly

Photo by Richard Connelly
Enjoy it while it lasts, fellas

Word has gone out to employees at Continental Airlines in downtown Houston: The historic -- iconic, even -- logo in front of the company's (former) headquarters will be gone after today.

As a result, people have been getting their pictures taken in front of it.

As we noted before, the logo for the company that resulted from the United-Continental merger mostly echoes the one in which employees are posing for nostalgic photos today, but it has the word "United" featured prominently.

And when all those workers head to the office Monday, that will be the sign that greets them. So they're lining up to get one last piece of company history.

Update: Rest easy, Continental people. Spokeswoman Mary Clark says the sign is not coming down anytime soon, even though everyone seems to think so.

People have been lining up to get the photos, so apparently someone put out e-mail word that today was it. "Someone must have put that out, but it didn't come from the company," Clark says. "A decision hasn't been made as to when to take it down."

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