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Online readers comment on "On Hold," by Chris Vogel, May 6:

Inexcusable: My only knowledge of this case is this article. So, taking it as fact, this seems inexcusable. Rape is a horrible crime, and even worse when it involves a child. But so is false accusation — to a lesser extent, to be sure, but it can certainly ruin a person's life. That is why we have trials.

This man was found innocent of all allegations. And yet, he is being treated as if he was convicted and is now having a hard time getting his life together. This is just plain wrong. I wonder how Hickman would feel if he was in the same situation. I wish Deputy Serges all the best, and I hope he gets justice soon.


Yeah, sure: Chris Vogel is nuts in "On Hold," portraying this cop as a victim. The cop has been charged multiple times with sexual assault/rape. So, he's just being falsely accused over and over again? Sure he is.

The cop asks why he doesn't have his job back when another cop got his job back after acquittal. He says the only difference between him and the other cop is that he's black. Race card! Another difference is that the other cop was acquitted of hiding photographs and stuff. Serges was charged with raping kids over and over again. Maybe that might be another difference?

I wonder why he's not asking for a transfer to a different area. Maybe because the meat ain't as sweet elsewhere. Sick bastard!


Not about race: I realize Serges was found not guilty, but I don't think his inability to get rehired is a race issue — the crime he was accused of has a much bigger social stigma than the other crimes of officers who were also exonerated.

Even if you have been found not guilty of sexual assault, you were still accused in the first place, which makes people uneasy. I'm not saying this is right by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't see this as a race issue and I think it's important for Serges to consider the possibility that this is due to the crime he was charged with.

I think false rape accusations are disgustingly horrible, and clearly, they ruin people's lives — but the public decided he was not guilty (a.k.a. the jury), which means the rest of the public needs to follow suit.


All the best: I worked with Deputy Serges at Precinct 4. I did not know him before he came to C4, but he was a good worker who always conducted himself properly when I was around him. It's sad to think that Precinct 4 will rehire all the boys in the click who get into trouble, yet Serges is yesterday's newspaper when he has to appear in court. I wish Serges the best. Everyone who is cleared by the courts deserves to be presumed innocent.


Beaucoup Review

Online readers comment on "Too Beaucoup," by Jason Kerr, May 6:

Happy bartender: Reading this review almost made me forget that I bartend here. Excellent review, and I would have to say I completely agree. Every week I try something new before my happy hour shift, and three months later I'm still in shock. It's like Grandma's home cooking with a Midtown awesome! And don't forget I'm behind the bar every Friday serving happy drinks.

Eric Jackson

Service matters: I visited Beaucoup on May 8. Even though the food was really good, the service was horrible. The worker at the cash register was not friendly at all; he never smiled the entire time he took our order, and while we were eating, I noticed he was not friendly to any of the other guests. The guy who came out and brought our food was not friendly either. We had to go and ask for salt, and the guy acted like we bothered him. The utensils were at the front of the counter, where you order, but they did not have spoons or knives. I had ordered crawfish bread and gumbo, so I did not have anything to eat my food with.

This was our first time visiting the establishment. Looks like they tried to cut corners and save money. If the ­workers upped their customer-service skills and had salt, pepper and napkins on the table, the place would be really nice.


I went there once: The decor is okay, the service is with a smile and the food is pretty darn tasty.


I love this place: The homemade lemonade goes great with a shrimp po-boy. I had the wings in the Cajun seasoning and the barbecue sauce — both were great. I don't know how I feel about fried hamburgers...seems a little over the top. Overall, Beaucoup is fantastic.

H in da City

Great review: I am going here pronto.

Devon K.


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