Enough about the blow job, already.
Enough about the blow job, already.

Cop-Car BJ Story Turns into Whataburger Debate

Our story on the woman who decided to give her co-arrestee a blow job in the back seat of a cop car got some attention; we can't imagine why.

Since the initial arrest happened at a Whataburger, commenters at Gawker quickly turned discussion from "cop-car blow job?" to how Whataburger stacks up against California favorite In-N-Out.

Yeah, we're not sure why, either.

Anyway, the highlights:

dirtybee For you non-Texans, you have to understand one thing - Whataburger is to Texas as In-N-Out is to California. Do not disgrace the good name of Whataburger. I bet even Willie Nelson has had a Whataburger at 3am when the munchies hit.

Secondly, passing out in a Whataburger is a rite of passage in Texas.

Middle Americans? When did we land in Middle Earth? (Edit comment)

Tragic Apostrophe @dirtybee The biggest mistake In-N-Out has ever made was choosing Texas for their next major expansion because all I have ever heard was "Yeah, I was really excited but In-N-Out was kind of disappointing. It was good, but not Whataburger good." (Edit comment)

Nick Fon Nolte Im from Texas and I think In-N-Out is WAY WAY better then Whataburger. Whataburger is bad ass but In-N-Out winds hands down IMO.

DanMiss @dirtybee For those not in the know, Whataburger's Fancy Ketchup and breakfast tacos are national treasures. Pretty sure it's what fuelled the battle at the Alamo. I mean I'm 75% sure.

dirtybee @DanMiss You know the whole state shuts down when the Patty Melt rears its beautiful head every year.

tim.lowell I live in San Antonio and travel to Northern California and Phoenix, and Whataburger is not anywhere near In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out Burger is in a (much higher) class by itself. Whataburger is a few notches above Mickey D's, but not really anything special. Whataburger has a warm spot in the hearts of native Texans because it is Texas-based, I'm sure, but the food quality is merely OK.

But what about the blow job, people?


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