Cowboy Diaries 2014: Dakota Eldridge, Living the Rodeo Life

Cowboy Diaries 2014: Dakota Eldridge, Living the Rodeo Life
Photo by Brian Austin

True cowboys are hard to find, but not at the Houston Rodeo. Life on the road leads them here this time every year for the biggest rodeo in the world, where they'll ride and wrangle livestock for cash and glory. Each day, Hair Balls will spotlight one person with enough dirt on his boots to call himself a cowboy -- and mean it.

Name: Dakota Eldridge.

Age: 22.

Hometown: Elka, Nevada.

I've been to Rodeo Houston twice. This is only my second time.

I started rodeoing when I was little. My parents already did it and I did it in junior high, in high school, in college and then the professional level.

My favorite part about rodeoing is we get to see all kinds of parts of the country. It's not a typical 9-to-5 job and it's not always easy to make a living doing it.

When I'm not rodeoing, I'm hunting, skiing and riding young horses. I'm hoping that I can do this and get enough money built up so I can get to ride horses and train them for a living.

If I wasn't rodeoing, I don't know what I'd be doing. I guess I'd be out there working at something but I couldn't say what that something would be.

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