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A career for Corey: Loved the article on Corey Williams ["To Catch a Rapist," Crime Story, by Randall Patterson, June 26]. How refreshing to hear about such selfless bravery in the face of ­modern-day society's don't-get-involved attitude. This guy rushed in, without any thought of danger or personal harm, just because he felt he was needed. I hope the victims have looked him up and thanked him. He seems like a truly humble person. At the very least, he should get some kind of reward. But what he really deserves would be for a prominent local business owner to step up and offer him a more lucrative career so he would not have to work two jobs anymore. A hardworking young man like him with such guts and initiative would be an asset to any company. If anyone is deserving of a lucky break, he sure is. His mother must be very proud of him.

Nancy Null-Reyes


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Online readers respond:

Thanks, Corey: Hang in there, keep working hard, be smart and you'll regain the limelight along with success.

Festus from Houston

That's awesome, man: Corey, I'm so glad that you had the balls to go and check out the situation. I think you have something better in store. Sounds like you want change in your life. Right off the bat, it sounds to me like law enforcement. This article might even help out. You know law enforcement officers make a decent amount in some cities and have many opportunities to make more if they choose. I think you may be a natural. I believe you may just need a couple of years at a junior college to qualify. Go for it!

Dwayne from Houston

"Reality" Check

Online readers respond to "Paranoid Reality," Crime Story, by Randall Patterson, June 19.

No desire: This is one horrid attempt at writing. The story is good, but the manner in which it is presented absolutely kills any desire to read it. I thought you people had editors to catch bad writing, but apparently not. Both the writer and the editor need to take a remedial Essay 101 at the local community college...

Jerod McCain from Sedona

Sorry: I share the same sentiments as the above poster. This article, while somewhat interesting, was written poorly and could've been presented in a more organized manner.

David from Sugar Land

Worth the Waits

Derby hats off to you: Kudos on the Tom Waits article before his show ["One of God's Texans," by John Lomax, June 19], and more so on the brilliant pics on your slideshow afterwards. Even though we got screwed over by Ticketmaster, Mr. Waits had the presence to make the crummier seats okay. Bummed he didn't play "Fannin Street" as he did in his other Texas shows, go figure. But that's the enigmatic Waits.

Keith Sharp


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