Criminal Genius In Galveston

It seemed like a great idea -- in this crazy, busy world, who has time to actually go pick up their crack? Doesn't the convenience of free delivery make a great deal of sense?

John Lacour of Galveston thought so. He took orders by phone and delivered your rock to you, no questions asked.

Maybe he should have asked some questions, though, yesterday -- when the person on the other end of the phone making an order was a Galveston police officer.

Lacour took the order, and then helpfully described himself to the officer. Which made it easier for them when he showed up at 2:15 am with the drugs.

(No, they weren't delivered to the police station; "near 35th Street and Seawall Boulevard" was the order.)

Police had gotten an anonymous tip about the "call in for free delivery" operation, The Galveston Daily News reported.

-- Richard Connelly


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