Gotta admit it, we might shoot someone over these, too.
Gotta admit it, we might shoot someone over these, too. / Beth Hontzas

Crustacean Combat Sends Two Beaumont Women (Ages 70, 23) to Hospital with Gunshot Wounds

Initial reports out of the Golden Triangle said that two women -- one 70, and the other 23, neither identified -- were shot during the course of a heated argument about crawfish.

Those reports were incorrect.

In actual fact, the women apparently shot each other over shrimp.

Now that's Gulf Coast.

According to a Beaumont police press release, yesterday afternoon, the 70-year-old woman arrived at a third party's apartment at the same time as the younger lady. An argument quickly ensued (possibly one of them claimed the last of the fry?), and at some point, the granny-aged lady walked out to her car, popped trunk and returned to the underground shrimp kitchen clutching a small-caliber handgun. Clearly, she's the trillest granny on the block.

The two woman struggled over the pistol. Several shots were fired, and when the smoke had cleared, the younger woman was bleeding from a wound in her arm and her septuagenarian antagonist from another in her hand.

Friends whisked the younger woman to Baptist Hospital, while the older lady was still there when police arrived. She was taken via ambulance to St. Elizabeth Hospital. Both women are expected to recover.

Sergeant Rob Flores of the Beaumont Police tells Hair Balls that they are considering a charge of aggravated assault against the 70-year-old when and if the younger woman gives a formal statement alleging same.

H/t to The Bayou.

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