Dallas Cowboys' Latest Distraction Gimmick: Lap Dances

Shoulda put this on the giant hi-def

What is it with Dallas football fans that makes a monstrosity of a football stadium want them to have public sex?

First it was the boffing on the bathroom stalls. Now it's the front-row lap dance.

This woman, obviously bored with whatever ass-kicking the Cowboys were receiving at the time, decides to dry-hump a guy. We guess Wade Phillips, a ten-buck Miller Lite and perhaps, just perhaps, some other performance-enhancing substances will make you do such things.

Highlights include some very sloppy kissing, some very determined rubbing of the crotches, the guy filming it deciding to photo-bomb, and a few beer bottles thrown by fans who, we guess, wanted more.

The video, after the jump...

This is a small version of it; if you want fullscreen goodness,

head to Deadspin

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As always, keep it classy, Dallas.

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