Debbie Riddle, Our Female Gohmert, Compares Pro-Choice Camp to Hitler

It's no stretch to say Debbie Riddle is the female equivalent of Louie Gohmert. Both are the most notable proponents of the Terror Baby Theory, planting pregnant Hezbollah operatives just across the border. Both are aging Christianists with little interest in humility or discussion. Both are low-hanging fruit.

There is one discernible difference, though -- Debbie has a greater penchant for social media than Gohmert. She has no qualms with tossing a quick post on whatever hair-brained idea has just crossed the Tomball representative's mind. In the past, Riddle's gotten in hot water for espousing her views on breast-feeding, and her desire to make sure such heinous act is kept behind closed doors. Now, and as predictably as anything this side of Gohmert's hard-headedness, we have Riddle opining on the abortion bills that have brought forth the greatest the filibuster the state has seen in years. After all, did you think Riddle would stand idly by while other Texas pols claimed that fetuses masturbate and that rape kits cause abortion? Of course not.

Unfortunately, Riddle's taken down the post that shared her most recent and least surprising views. But Texas Freedom Network managed to grab a screencap of Riddle's commentary, so that we can enjoy yet another round of wondering whether those in Tomball have any idea of the woman for whom they've voted:

This one kind of speaks for itself. A bit of fun wordplay -- since they push for abortion rights, they push for slaughtering babies! etc. -- and a bit of righteous judgment from the only side that could possibly have any moral clarity.

But, a quick quibble, Riddle. We acknowledge the fact that you're equating abortion with murder, and we doubt there's anything we could do to dissuade you, or to point you to the simple fact that turning abortion illegal will have no discernible impact on the actual abortion rate. We're a bit certain that you have no appreciation for, and less knowledge of, social science. To you, data is but a horrible four-letter word.

So remember when you said that Hitler killed six million people? Well, you're kind of fudging the facts with this one. (It's likely you don't even know the facts, but that's beside the point.) See, we presume you're alluding to the six million Jews Hitler's regime killed. Fair enough. But you're also overlooking the five million other invalids, and criminals, and gays, and Roma that his Reich passed through the chambers and camps and butcher shops. You're forgetting about five million other people who don't quite fit your Christianist viewpoints, and who suffered through the greatest genocide of the 20th century.

But when was the last time you cared about facts? Or accuracy? Like Gohmert, you seem to have no qualms with spouting off whatever rattles through your dusty, deleterious mind. And while you remain the low-hanging fruit we've always known, you stand as someone with a voice in Texas politics. Even if you believe that anyone supporting a woman's right to choose is somehow pro-death. Jesus.

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Casey Michel
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