He should write a letter to his congressman or something.

Defending His Semi-Good Name

Neil Bush — the Bush who embarrasses his family without creating Middle East quagmires — will do whatever it takes to defend his name, apparently.

Bush is the head of Ignite!, an educational-software company that's been helped along by friends and family.

Ignite!'s been accused of dumbing-down things to an extraordinary degree with its Schoolhouse Rock-lite curriculum, and Neil, it seems, is ever on guard for such slights.

Even though Ignite!'s Web site doesn't list any Wisconsin schools, the battle over Ignite! recently opened a front in cheesehead country. Specifically, the city of La Crosse.

Marilyn Fox, from Onalaska, Wisconsin (it's near La Crosse, we guess), wrote a letter to the editor of the La Crosse Tribune. She questioned whether Neil was benefiting from No Child Left Behind funds.

We can only assume Bush has a Google news alert keeping track of stories about him (Hi Neil!), or maybe he's just an avid reader of the Tribune (today's headline: "Beer Surcharge Gets Lukewarm Reception"). At any rate, within two days a reply from the president's brother graced the pages of the Trib.

Geez. That's a bit more responsive than the last time we here at the Press tried to talk to Neil and he darted down a school hallway trying to escape. -- Richard Connelly


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