Dependable. Reliable. Ken Hoffman.

1989 (January 8, The Houston Post): "I went to Fuzzy's and ordered an extra large pizza with sausage and green peppers. Gotta admit it, that was the finest pizza I've had in Houston."

1999 (February 14, Houston Chronicle): "The best-kept secret along Kirby Drive is Fuzzy's Pizza. The pizza is just as terrific as the original Fuzzy's on Antoine and I-10. Try the Italian sausage and green pepper."

1989 (June 6, Post): "The Viper, AstroWorld's new, twisting, turning, loop-de-looping roller coaster, takes all of 60 seconds -- from 'I'm going to hate this' to 'My wallet! My wallet fell out!' "

1999 (April 8, Chronicle): "In about two months, look out below. That giant erector set under construction at the northern tip of AstroWorld will become the wildest, swoopiest, dizziest roller coaster anywhere in the Southwest."

1989 (September 19, Post): Hoffman plays a charity tennis tournament with Sugar Ray Leonard, Weird Al Yankovic, comedian Jack Carter and former Oiler Elmo Wright.

1999 (April 20, Chronicle): Hoffman plays a charity tennis tournament with Jerry Van Dyke, Chuck Norris, Herschel Walker and Bernie Kopell ("Doc" from The Love Boat).

1989 (January 29, Post): "Bet the ranch, including the barn, on Hulk [Hogan]" in his upcoming Wrestlemania match with "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

1999 (April 6, Chronicle): "All the stars of World Championship Wrestling, like Hulk Hogan," will be in action May 31 at the Dome.

1989 (August 10, Post): "Sam Cox can turn anybody, yes, even dull, drab you, into a regular riot" at his Comedy Gym classes on how to become a stand-up comedian.

1999 (February 11, Chronicle): Re: Comedy Sweatshop director "James Pineapple, Esq.": "Professor Pineapple also teaches a course in how to be a stand-up comedian. His first class last summer graduated 40 rookie comics. Many of them will be working the Sweatshop stage."

1989 (Semimonthly, Post): The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffett will be playing in Houston this year.

1999 (Semimonthly, Chronicle): The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffett will not be playing in Houston this year.

-- Richard Connelly

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