Depraved Houston, a jacked-up rodeo and Jennifer Aniston

Houston Haters

Online readers comment on "Boycott Houston, Because We Are So Depraved," by Craig Malisow, Hair Balls blog, January 19:

Sweet! Not only do I encourage them to boycott Houston, they should put their money where their mouths are and actually liberate anyone currently living here who agrees with them. If they have the courage of their convictions, they should forcibly relocate all of their Houston-based blog subscribers to somewhere more appropriate — like a suburb of Dallas.


Jennifer Aniston

P.S. Don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on your way out. You might find out that you like it, and turn gay all of a sudden.

Dazzlin' J

Vaporized: This preacher and boycott organizer actually lives in Amarillo and is trying to tell us that it is a better place to live than Houston? I think that chucklehead has spent too much time around the feedlots inhaling the vapors.


How gross: It's no wonder why so many people associate Christians with ignorance, hate and self-righteous judgment. While I appreciate the story, I also regret this pathetic man getting any sort of PR from the media.


Get radical: A "radical" agenda sounds like a good thing, like it's awesome or extreme. I imagine a radical homosexual agenda involving crazy skate tricks with rainbow decks and stylish shoes, all set to club music.

What's wrong with that? Can we get some of this radical agenda going on, please?


The rights thing: It should go without saying that a person should be allowed to marry whomever they choose. Until the rightwing religious fanatics in this country stop trying to control everybody else and force their "morals" down the throat of the country, there can be no real freedom in the United States. Civil rights cannot simply be "voted away" — that is the purpose of the Bill of Rights. Religious activists should be left out of these decisions completely.

David Scott

Not cool? That photo is way out of line and is not associated with our group. We do not believe that signs like that are appropriate. That's not cool, to write an article and post up a picture that has nothing to do with us.

Russell Grisham

Go ahead: I think Pastor David Grisham and his followers, who call themselves Christians, should most definitely boycott Houston. I don't want the sanctimonious would-be followers of Christ in our city; they give Christians a bad name. Unless their name is God or Jesus Christ, they don't have the right to judge anyone.

I do not believe in abortion. Planned Parenthood is a group that helps people to "plan" families so they won't want abortions. They didn't make the abortion law, but they offer an alternative to a coat hanger in an alley. Is abortion right? I don't think so, but I will never judge a person for having an abortion. That is between that person and God.

As for our homosexual mayor, who cares? Is she a good person? Will she be a good mayor? That's what I care about.


Disgusted: I am a gay citizen of Amarillo, and trust me when I say that a majority of Amarillo is disgusted by this group. They work the system to shut down anything new and out of their norm. They protested us at Pride Fest; they protested a coffee shop because gay people hang out there. I could go on for hours...I am embarrassed to live in the same city as this group.


Riled about the Rodeo

Online readers respond to "Get 'All Jacked Up' at Rodeo's Hideout With Gretchen Wilson, Dale Watson, Honeybrowne, Others," by Chris Gray, Rocks Off blog, January 19:

Nada: Todd Fritsch, Honk Tonk Zeroes, Zona Jones, Josh Ward, etc., etc.? What a shitload of nothing again this year.


Embarrassing: This thing has sure been in decline. I remember when they used to book real bands like Hollisters, Jesse Dayton, John Evans, etc., bands that were really hot and out front and doing something, bands that could flat tear it up. Now it's this bunch of vanilla pudding. Why don't they just do karaoke? This lineup is embarrassing in so many ways.


Keep it cheap: I can just see the Round Table discussions at The Waffle House. Uh, what can we get for cheap? And music that sounds good to drunk frat boys? Hey, Gomer, pass that there maple syrup. Yeah boys, that's it, go to Craigslist and type in "cheap music." Got it. Book 'em.

Rick Heysquierdo

Considering Jen

Online readers comment on "Pop Rocks: Somebody Impregnate Jennifer Aniston Already," by Pete Vonder Haar, Hair Balls blog,January 21:

OMG! This is so spot-on and so funny, I almost pissed in my pants. This is what Hollywood will turn someone with no self-esteem into: a farce of a woman. Where is Meryl Streep when you need her?


Hilarious and true: But this is how her PR team has positioned her. Forty and fabulous! Will this still be the same when she's 50?


Pathetic: I love how they are spinning this. She's been moving on from Brad for the last five years — especially when she is promoting movies, she suddenly remembers she is moving on from Brad. Now, since none of the "affairs" — either alleged or true or pretend, whichever — have panned out, she is going the "single" route. As in, the most fabulous and the happiest of all single 40-year-old women, by choice, of course. (Rolls eyes.)

This is getting sooooo pathetic. I am so sick of this woman. She is no role model, nor is she fabulous. Neurotic, insecure, desperate and constant victim does not a fabulous woman make. Not in my book.


Something's wrong: So 40-year-old fabulous, flirty, tanned Jennifer Aniston gets the main cover, while Haiti goes as a smaller side story? Really? Do I even need to say it? There's something wrong with our society and mainly our press.



The photo credit for the cover of the feature story "Inside the MasterMinds" [January 28] was not listed correctly on the contents page. The photo should have been credited to Jeffrey Myers.

The Houston Press regrets the error.


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