Doing Rails

Yes, it’s true, we love our cars. And it’s true that light-rail in Houston has mostly been a big (train) wreck. But what to think about high-speed rail connecting major cities in Texas?

You may remember the push back in the early ‘90s for the Texas Triangle linking Houston, San Antonio and Dallas by high-speed-rail. If so, you’ll probably also recall how the plan got scuttled by a lobbying push from Southwest Airlines.

Today Governor Perry seems bent on tying his legacy to the 4,000-mile-long Trans Texas-Corridor. It’s controversial, as can be expected for any project that includes gobbling up hundreds of thousands of acres of land. And it’s expensive, with projected costs as high as $180 billion.

But would we even use the thing? Of course, the cheeky answer is no, since who the hell wants to go to Dallas, anyway? But this article in Wired might change your thinking. – Todd Spivak


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