Donald Trump for President: Texas's Voice Shall Be Heard

Trump 2012: He's aerodynamic!
Trump 2012: He's aerodynamic!

The biggest political news of the moment isn't the Iowa caucuses, because all of us Real Amurricans already know Rick Perry is about to shock all those naysaying know-it-all Beltway elites.

The big news came over the holiday weekend: An independent party supporting Donald Trump for President has managed to get on the November ballot in Texas.

Lone Star residents, you will have the chance to cast a vote for Donald Trump to be the leader of the free world. Read that sentence again and praise Jesus you live in such a great country (and state).

The independent party is called the Make America Great Again Party. You have to admit, that's a much better name than "Democratic" or "Republican" or "Make America Worse Again Party."

Best of all, it's headed by a man who exudes class, in his mind. Better hair than Romney, Obama and Perry combined.

Trump told the Web site The Blaze:

I am aware and flattered by this filing by my supporters in Texas. I have not authorized anyone to act on my behalf and am not a candidate for president at this time.

I will not, however, rule out a third-party candidacy if the Republicans nominate a candidate who cannot defeat Obama and I recently changed my party registration in New York state to preserve my legal option to appear on the ballot in all 50 states if I do decide to run.

He's in it to win it, folks!!

If this indeed comes true, and remembering that your presidential vote for either candidate in Texas is a token gesture, let us hope you keep in mind your responsibility to feed the Trump ego.

It's the only way to keep the insanity going.

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