Donald Trump Tweeted at Rick Perry Again and Hilarity Ensued

Donald Trump is running for the GOP nod for president. Somehow the rich guy with the worst toupee/combover/what-the-hell-is-that-on-his-head has become a "frontrunner" in the already crowded race. Meanwhile, former-Gov. Rick Perry is also out in the field trying to finagle the Republican nomination for himself. The two began clashing earlier this month as they traded digs from TV, Twitter and online video.

That's all par for the course in this crowded field of Republican presidential contenders, but somehow Perry has managed to get the best of Trump in these exchanges as we've previously noted. The man who made that infamous "Oops" in 2012 even managed to come off as presidential in a video issued last week refuting all things Trump. But Trump — possibly emboldened by his new best buddy-ship with fellow wanna-be Sen. Ted Cruz — wasn't willing to let well enough alone. On Thursday he waded back into the snarky fray of social media with this little gift horse of a Tweet:

The Twitter response to his social media bon mot was exactly what the rest of us would expect from Twitter, i.e. the responding Tweets were soon gloriously packed with snark. That's when things got good. There were those who simply defended our longest serving governor, because he's from Texas, and Trump is so not:

Meanwhile, some with the classic smarty pants response: 

This one just made us clap our hands with glee: 

And then there were people really making a point about how frightening the prospect of President Trump actually is:

End of the day, we get why Perry is replying and using this stuff to his best advantage — Trump is truly the gift that keeps on giving as far as Perry is concerned — but we're utterly stumped as to why Trump keeps trying a tactic that only makes him look like an idiot, while simultaneously bringing up lots of questions about whether the Trumpmeister himself has ever had an IQ test. We're really curious about that one now.  
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