Don't Free SPM

Monster: Your article on South Park Mexican and the "Free SPM" campaign allows the young who only hear of SPM through his music to really see and understand what this monster did ["Ask Another Mexican," by Olivia Flores Alvarez, October 19]. I commend your article for detailing all the facts as they are, were and will always be. This gives the young a chance to understand exactly what went on back in the day, and why this man should remain behind bars. Music is one thing, but having such a child predator free on our Houston streets is something entirely different. I was around during this controversy and even listened to SPM back in the day. I remember everything, and after hearing about all the facts then, I still feel as I felt back in the day -- that is, his sentence was too damn light. Now, especially now, having grown and become father to three beautiful young girls, I feel -- and truly believe -- that having such a monster off our streets is something we can all applaud. Kudos on an "only the facts" report.

Felix Munoz III

Knock It Off



Or face a beatdown: The last part of the whistling Mexican article is so true [Ask a Mexican, by Gustavo Arellano, October 19]. One time while watching the Astros, I ordered a pizza, and as I got into the game, I forgot that I'd ordered it when I heard a knock on the door in the chinga tu madre, cabrn beat. I am pretty laid-back, but I answered the door ready to beat someone's ass. It just set me off. There was a skater-looking white teenager, happy as can be, delivering my pizza. I said, "Look, man, I am still going to tip you regardless of you telling me to go fuck my mother, but here is another tip. Next time you deliver a pizza on this side of town, don't knock like that or the next Mexican will fuck you up." I explained what it meant, but he was still confused. He said he didn't usually work my side of town; he was just covering for someone, but that he would be careful next time.

Your articles kick ass! Peace to all of the Mexicans whose mothers light charcoals in the house and blame everything on brujera.

Jorge Peiro

The Flesh Prince

Narrow-minded: I was browsing through Robb Walsh's comments on The Glass Wall ["Catch the Wave," September 28] and also Indika ["Montrose Vindaloo," October 12]. I was disappointed at your "Let the vegans go eat at the Hobbit Hole" comment. Maybe you should educate yourself on cruelty to animals. Try out some vegan dishes instead of ordering foie gras or brains or other disgusting flesh dishes. I am surprised at your narrow-minded comments towards vegans, given that you are a food critic...Shame on you.

Amanda Ellison

Posing a Problem

The question is why: Why do local girls jump at the chance for a Playboy pose? You never really answer that ["Bunny Hop," Been There, Done That, by Steven Devadanam, October 19]. Is it because local girls like being naked? But what does that have to do with Playboy? They could be naked in any mag. Is it because of money? There's no guarantee these local girls will make the cut. And you mention also that at college auditions, the girls are not trying to make a career out of modeling, that it's a one-time deal.

Posing for Playboy is not going to shatter the fact -- not notion -- that Rice girls are homely. All posing for Playboy proves is that they like being photographed naked or semi-naked. And what exactly is homely? A rating of C among many colleges by College Prowler is not impressive at all. Please don't let me start on the women of Houston, much less university women in the Houston area.

Also, Tara is confused. She speaks of her parents, morals and her brother looking up to her, and finally it's just degrading. Despite all those excuses, she did sign up, then she changed her mind. Let's have a voice, a strong-minded opinion. Doesn't Tara have a mind of her own?

I want to commend bubbly Amy, because she has guts, despite what anyone thinks. Go, Amy.


Road Trip

Sound of clapping: I admire your writing and your gumption ["The Sole of Houston," by John Nova Lomax, October 12]. You should have a tremendous sense of pride in your accomplishment (walking Westheimer). I applaud you.

Ramell A. Boyer

The Sludge Report

National recognition for report on poop

Josh Harkinson, former staffer for the Houston Press, has been named a finalist in the national 2006 Missouri Lifestyle Journalism Awards.

Harkinson was cited in the Consumer Affairs category for "Wretched Excess," his account of how human excrement or sludge is being spread out across the nation's farms and fields and its effects on people living nearby.

The awards are sponsored by the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.

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