DPS Office Closes For Much-Needed Renovations

If there is anything in life more fun than dealing in-person with drivers' license issues, we don't know what it is. Unless it's six months at Guantanamo.

The closest DPS office for people inside the Loop is the Dacoma office, just outside the northwest corner of 610. Unfortunately, it's also a dank, cramped, overloaded and outdated facility. Summer sees lots of frustrated people steaming in the parking lot waiting to be deal with the bureaucracy.

The good news is -- they're renovating the place.

The bad news -- it will be closed for eight to 10 months while they do so. Last day of operations is tomorrow.

Our suggestion, if you need to go to DPS? Try the South Gessner office, a few blocks south of Braeswood. It's as time-consuming as anywhere else, but there's plenty of room to while away the hours kicking yourself for losing your license in the first place.

-- Richard Connelly


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