Drive Carefully, Texas: One of Four Trucks on the Road Are Violating Safety Regs

Maybe safe. Probably is. Yeah, probably.
Maybe safe. Probably is. Yeah, probably.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has wrapped up its latest "Roadcheck" campaign, where it floods the highways with inspectors and pulls over trucks willy-nilly.

Almost 8,000 trucks were stopped and inspected in a 72-hour period, and the results were encouraging? We guess it depends on how bad you think most trucks are.

More than one-fourth of the trucks stopped "were placed out of service for safety violations," DPS says.

Remember that the next time you're threading the needle between two semis on the freeway.

The good news: Out of the 8,000 drivers stopped, only four were taken out of service for drug or alcohol infractions.

The bad news: DPS says 26.5 percent of the trucks stopped "were placed out of service because they were found to have serious enough safety violations to be removed from service until repairs could be made, including issues with the braking systems, tires, lights and safe loading."

Again, good thing to keep in mind as you're barreling down the road.

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