A renaissance for laser shows
A renaissance for laser shows

Drought Fallout: Renaissance Festival Will Now Feature Ye Olde Laser Show

Another victim of the drought and wildfires in the area this year: the fireworks show at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Instead it's Laser-Show Time, dudes!

"The Royal Fireworks display is one of the most anticipated aspects of the festival day," said Terre Albert, TRF general manager. "Given the recent wildfires in our area, it is necessary to replace the fireworks show this season in order to ensure the safety of our property, our patrons and our neighbors. We believe that laser light show finale will still offer our patrons an exciting and magical way to conclude the day's events."

(We're surprised he didn't spell it "wyldfyres.")

The show is called Royal Finale: Queen Tatina's Magical Light Show and it is described as a "magical display of mystical dancing lights [that] will be accompanied by the music of Tartanic."

Tartanic? A doomed tartar sauce that no one thought could ever go bad?

The "Royal Fireworks" show will return in 2012 if the drought is over, the festival says.

Which means it's by no means a given, what with what all the experts are saying about how long the drought may go on.


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